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During the basic studies, the student must complete a two-mont intership outside the university (Famulatur). Since there is no possibility to do this during the semester, the clinical traineeship takes place during the lecture-free period. Most students split the 8-week clinical elective into 2x4 weeks. At least four weeks of this must be completed in a public pharmacy (not a branch pharmacy). During the other four weeks, the students can choose his or her position as desired (hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, federal military pharmacy, drug testing center ...). There is even the possibility to go abroad (EU) for 4 weeks.

PTA don't need to complete a Famulatur, as they are certainly already familiar with the basic knowledge of pharmacy as a part of their training.

During the Famulatur, the students should gain insights into the operational procedures, organisaiton, legislation and activities of a pharmacies. It is also in tended to show him what opportunities are open to him after the studies. The aim is to make it easier to choose a career later and to increase motivation during the course of studies als a student can establish link to the contents of the Pharmaceutical studies....

Famulatur Certification Sample Downlowd: pdf-Datei

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